Q: Can I lock and unlock my front door from my phone?

A: Yes. With the push of a button, you can lock and unlock your door.

Q: Can I create a user code from my phone?

A: Yes. You can create a user code at any time from your phone.

Q: Will I be able to add a code for my friends and other family members?

A: Yes. You can create a code for anyone that needs to enter your home.

Q: Can I create a personalized code, such as my birthday?

A: No, due to security reasons, the system can only generate random codes.

Q: Can I create codes that only last for a couple hours or a day?

A: Yes. When you create a code, you can select a time frame for the code to work.

Q: Can I see the activity in my house, such as when people enter and exit?

A: Yes. You can see all activity in your home via your smart phone and desktop computer.

Q: Can I change the temperature of my house from my phone?

A: Yes. You can customize settings for your heating and air conditioning and make changes at anytime via your smart phone.

Q: Can I set temperature schedules so when I leave for work, the temperature will automatically change?

A: Yes. Temperature schedules can be set and changed via your smart phone or desktop computer.

Q: Can I eventually control my lights, garage door and other appliances?

A: Yes. The system works with hundreds of Z-wave devices such as garage door openers, energy monitors, light switches and motion sensors. More information will be available as these options become available.



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